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"Roxeth Primary School is a lovely, welcoming school with a real community feel. The whole team at Roxeth, from leadership to support staff, are approachable, professional and dedicated to creating a supportive, positive learning environment. My son, who is now in year 2, has thrived at Roxeth.  I can see how much he has grown in confidence and progressed in all areas of learning since starting in Reception. Best of all he loves it there and he looks forward to going to school everyday". Rachel Donovan 
"I just wanted to send a message because I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with xxx's progress under your teaching. Her recognition of letters and the speed of which she can do it has sky-rocketed since she started school as has her confidence in doing so. Her writing is so much better and she is clearly really enjoying learning. She is always 'teaching' me what she has learned and is always happy to come to school.Thank you for your hard work and dedication! Autumn is the hardest term but your efforts are very much appreciated!"   Bhamika Bhudia
"I’m super pleased and impressed with the management and all the staff members, honestly I’m so proud that my children are in Roxeth Primary School. You have always been so helpful, we have the best Principle, head teachers and all the staff"Sonia Farooqi

"Both my daughters have been studying in Roxeth Primary School, and I must say they had an incredible time and learned so much. Both of their teachers' patience, creativity, and love shaped up their learning experience with positivity and overall development. Every single day my daughters have looked forward to go to school with the same excitement. I must say their advanced teaching methodology, their observation and attention to every kid, along with outstanding teaching skills have helped both my daughters to excel in all aspects. I am grateful and thankful for their continues encouragement, motivation, and support"Reetika Ghosh 

"It was a pleasure for us and our children to be a part of Roxeth Primary School and both of them have had a lovely time here which we will miss along with the kids. The school has taught good values and manners. They had an excellent education at Roxeth and we thank the head teacher, all the teachers and the staff for all the support our kids have had all these years. We wish the entire team at Roxeth all the very best"Mrs Sutharsan