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Home learning

Home learning​ at Roxeth Primary School

Roxeth sees home learning as an extension to and a consolidation of learning being completed in the classroom. It is expected that home learning will be carried out with care and attention. Home learning is an important link between parents, teacher and children and is a shared responsibility.  The school needs to be able to count on parents’ support to see that Home Learning is completed.  If there is a need for clarification or any difficulty arises, parents should contact the class teacher. Where necessary, the learning will be altered to ensure success for all children.

Home learning will consist of:
  • One piece of English home learning
  • One piece of mathematics home learning
  • In addition, one piece, based on the other curriculum areas, may also be set for example history, geography, French (this will be decided by the teachers based upon the children’s area of interest or development).   

We encourage parents/carers to support their child with learning their spellings. Discuss the spellings on the way to school, walking to the park or walking around the shops. Play engaging games that will encourage understanding for example throwing a ball and each time it is thrown, call out a letter. Children will be tested upon their spellings weekly.

  • We recommend that all children read for a minimum of 10 minutes each day to an adult or older sibling.

  • Children will have a reading record which must be signed and dated each day

​Supporting your child at home
  • Provide a suitable environment if possible for example an empty work space

  • Support and discuss the learning using websites and books if necessary

  • Give encouragement and praise when learning has been completed to the best of their ability

Online home learning
  • Google classroom: tasks will be set on here when indicated by the class teacher.

  • Purple Mash: tasks will be set on here when indicated by the class teacher. However, this can be accessed at any time by your child to further support their learning.

  • Times Table Rock Stars: we encourage children to use this a minimum of three times a week but many children use it daily.​

​Home Learning Timetable
RECEPTION - 10 mins a day - Reading and relevant discussion, key words or spellings, maths games / activities.
YEAR 1 & 2 - 1 hour a week - Reading and relevant discussion, spellings – English, Maths activities.
YEAR 3 & 4 - 1.5 hours a week - Reading with relevant discussion, spellings, English learning, maths learning, with occasional assignments in other subjects.
YEAR 5 & 6 – 1.5/2 hours a week - Regular reading and regular discussion.  Weekly schedule with continued emphasis on English and Maths with assignments in other subjects.
Resources to support learning:


Times Table Rock Stars

Purple Mash

BBC Bitesize

Whiterose Maths

Top Marks

Primary Resources


Oxford Owl

ICT Games

Maths Frame