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Year 1 welcomes a New Year!

January 2024 saw Year 1 spring into action! They have been busy making New Year’s Resolutions – they discovered that a New Year Resolution is a tradition, now most common in many countries,in which a person makes a promise to continue good practices, change an undesired behaviour,achieve a personal goal or improve something at the beginning of a calendar year.

The children in 1M and 1G found out how people in different countries celebrate the New Year. In England it is traditional for many British household to gather together, have a dinner or party, and then wait for the bells of Big Bell, the clocktower at the Houses of Parliament, to ring in the New Year. Did you know that in India some people make an effigy of an ‘old man’ which symbolises the old year and old grievances which are burned at midnight to make way for new beginnings.

We have been busy in our English lessons reading stories by Julia Donaldson. We read ‘The Gruffalo’ and  ‘Room on a Broom’ We have retold the stories  - by trying to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have included powerful adjectives in our writing to make our stories more interesting .

Our Maths lessons have taken us to a world of addition and subtraction. In History we have been playing with toys….oops I mean we have been learning about the ‘History of Toys’. We are beginning to recognise toys from the past such as spinning tops from the Victorian times.

Year 1 is enjoying its learning journey at Roxeth!