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Year 3 go pre-historic!

On Tuesday 13th December the Year 3 children went back in time …back to the Stone Age! Their History topic came to life! The children enjoyed a fun packed activity Stone Age day. 

They watched video clips about the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods and reflected on the changes that took place with the Stone Age people being hunter gatherers to settling in one place and growing vegetation and rearing farm animals and using different materials like bronze and iron. 

The children were engrossed in making Biscuithenge fashioned after Stonehenge. They also enjoyed making biscuits out of flour, vegan butter, dried fruit and honey. Did you know that they even tested their fishing skills by making a fishing game. They also drew cave paintings and made prehistoric homes out of sugar paper and cardboard. 

Year 3 really enjoyed delving into the past - it was a great learning experience!