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Year 3 Stone Age Activity Day

Year 3 delve into the past!

​Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age as part of their History topic. On Tuesday 30th November as a finale  they enjoyed a fun packed 'Stone Age Activity Day' .

They watched video clips about the Paleolithic, the Mesolithic and the Neolithic times and discussed the changes that took place in the materials they used (stone, bronze and iron)   the change from hunting and then to settling in one place and rearing farm animals for food. 

All the children enjoyed a variety of Stone Age related activities. They made a magnetic fishing game to test their skills in hunting. Baking biscuits using spelt flour, vegan butter and other ingredients was a great learning experience. They engaged in a bit of weaving using wool and card. Biscuit Henge got them excited! This involved them using biscuits to make a 'Stone Henge'! I hasten to add that they took their own biscuits home to eat!! Year 3 also made and decorated masks. They learnt that in the Iron Age the tribal warriors would paint their faces to scare off the enemy. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed their 'Stone Age' experience. History did come alive at Roxeth!