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Eid Assembly

At an assembly on ‘Ramadhan and Eid’ in April, the presenters, Iqra, Sara P, Danyal, Noah, Abdurrahman and Shoaib, revisited the true meaning of Ramadhan Eid, and explored some of the rituals around Ramadhan, focussing mainly on the Eid celebration. Ramadhan is the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar calendar. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) had a very important role during this month because some 1400 years –  the Qur’an, the Islamic Holy Book, was revealed to him in Ramadhan. As part of the Five Pillars of Islam, Muslims are required to fast for 29 to 30 days depending on the sighting of the moon. This year’s Ramadan started on Saturday 2nd of April. The presenters explored the reasons why Muslims fast during Ramadhan and who was exempt from fasting.

They went on to show how Eid is celebrated throughout the world. Roxeth experienced a visual tour of culinary delights! They discovered that Eid al-Fitr is sometimes referred to as the Sugar Feast because large part of the meal one eats at the festival is desserts. However different countries around the world have different favourites. In Turkey classic Turkish sweets such as Baklava and Turkish delight are given to friends, family and neighbours as a present during Eid, or Seker Bayrami as it’s commonly known in the country. In Yeman Bint al sahn is the favourite Yemeni sweet. In English it’s sometimes called honey cake, and is topped with nigella seeds. In Russia they prefer to give savoury dumplings called ‘Manti’.

These are filled with seasoned meat. In Bangladesh, a meat Korma is traditionally eaten, as well as various savoury pittas that are shared with family and friends.

Children at Roxeth then took an active part in a ‘Ramadhan and Eid Assembly Quiz’. The Quiz Masters were ‘The 4 S’s’ Safa, Sana, Safa and Sara P. The girls conducted a quiz on Kahoot and the children were totally engaged in their quiz. It was a lively finale to the assembly!!