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Yr6 France and Venture Week

Year 6 had a week of fun during Venture Week and France. Here is what our pupils would like to say about their trips:


France was an enjoyable trip with many great adventures and activities. From unpacking our bags to venturing around the estate, we had a wonderful time . It was a truly memorable trip packed with fun. We got to experience many different French delicacies and delicious desserts. After a hard week of SATS, this was perfect to help us rest and bond with friends that we might not see in high school. This trip was truly remarkable and we enjoyed it to the fullest extent. Saanvi and Ano


Venture week was a truly remarkable experience. During this fun period of time, we completed a range of delightful activities, each to our heart’s extent, such as a taxi ride in Madame Tussauds, mini golf in Puttstars, abseiling in Phasels Wood, a movie in Cineworld and a lunch in McDonalds. We made so many memories during this amazing time. This was a golden opportunity to bond with each other and set ourselves free after we finished a hard week of SATs. The fun continued in the classroom.  Govind and Ishaaq