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*An investigation into the 2019 SATS was carried out by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA). This investigation occurred at the request of the school and also involved the Local Authority and Governors. The STA reviewed all of the school’s SATS papers to check for signs of any potential irregularities in the administration of the tests.  As a result, some of the Maths and Reading test results have not been validated by STA, as there was doubt over whether those particular results were a true and accurate representation of some pupils’ unaided abilities. 

Results from these tests are not included in the performance league tables, which has led to the apparently lower outcomes in these areas. As a school we have included the teacher assessment judgements that we feel give a true reflection of the pupils’ abilities.

Please note the results for GPS are valid (same as the league tables) and the writing assessments are also fully valid following a moderation conducted by Harrow LA. 


The school has taken this issue very seriously and have carried out an internal investigation to ensure the matter has been dealt with efficiently.

Further performance data can be viewed on the site along with additional data regarding Pupil Premium allocations, expenditure and staffing