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Governing Body 2020-21

Each governor serves a term of three years.  Parent Governors and Teacher Governors are elected. Local Authority Governors are nominated, usually by the main political parties on the Council.  The political representation on governing bodies broadly reflects that of the Council.  Governors also have the power to co-opt additional governors who have the same powers and voting rights as any other governor.

The Governing Body plays a key role in supporting the school to deliver high quality education. Its main responsibility is to establish the strategic direction of the school and to monitor school policies and practices. The Governing Body must also monitor the budget to ensure that public money is spent wisely in the pursuit of high standards.

Local Authority Governor

Name: Rona Baker
Committees: Curriculum
Responsibilities Curriculum & SEND
Term of Office: 01.04.19 - 31.03.22
Declaration of Interests: None

I trained to teach primary age group then switched to secondary in 1979. I have a B.Ed. hon in English and Education. I gained SENCO qualification in 1983. I went on to hold a post as SENCO in a mainstream secondary school until 1996 when I took a post as Special Needs Officer in Hillingdon LA. I retired in 2002. I have had the Certificate of Independent Inspectors and an Accreditation in Mediation from the School of Psychology and Counselling. I was a Governor in two Secondary School for many years. I have also continued as a governor at Roxeth for many years. I am a volunteer at the Salvation Army. I am married with 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

Parent Governors

Name: Aisha Nadeem
Committees: Curriculum
Responsibilities: TBC
Term of Office: 08.07.21 – 07.07.24
Declaration of Interests: None

I have lived in Harrow for 13 years. I am a mother of 2 very special children. My daughter is currently in yr4 at Roxeth primary school. My son goes to Alexandra school as he is diagnosed with Autism. I am very passionate about my children's education and I support both schools, always helping out where I can.

I am a LAB member at Alexandra school and at Roxeth Primary School I am always involved in summer fairs, sports day, class trips etc. I am very familiar with the Roxeth staff. I am keen to support the local area and Roxeth community as a governor.

Name: Adam Howard
Committees: Vice Chair Resources
Responsibilities: Health & Safety & Environment
Term of Office: 11.01.19 – 10.01.22
Declaration of Interests: None

I was brought up locally, and moved back to the area about 8 years ago having lived all over London. I work as an architect and have been running my architectural practice for over 16 years, which is now also based locally. In addition to my architectural practice, I have also taught architecture as a studio design tutor, which has provided me with a small insight into education and the importance of developing creativity by inspiring young minds. I believe that this is a very important aspect to children’s schooling to ensure they receive a balanced education. Environmental issues also concern me, and I believe we should be teaching our children to respect the environment to protect their future. By providing children with relevant information we will empower them to make the right choices as they mature into young adults and take more responsibility for themselves.

My career as an architect has provided me with valuable experience embracing many different aspects of life, including balancing budgets, looking for creative solutions to problems and understanding the needs of others, which would all enhance my ability to serve the school as a governor, despite not having specific experience in this role, to date.

Co-Opted Governors

Name: Graham Dunbar
Committees: Resources & Chair Governing Body
Responsibilities: Maths
Term of Office: 01.04.19 - 31.03.22
Declaration of Interests: None

We have lived in Harrow since 1981 and our two sons attended Roxeth in the late 80s and early 90s. I taught Chemistry at Harrow School for over 30 years and took on a number of roles including House Master and Director of Boarding. I have also been an ISI Boarding Inspector.
Since taking early retirement in 2014 my main focus has been on charitable and philanthropic work in Harrow and I am a Trustee of the local charity, Young Harrow Foundation.
I have been a Governor at Roxeth since 2013 and am currently  Chair of Governors. My current responsibilities include Mathematics.

Name: Emily Antcliffe
Committees: Chair Resources & Vice Chair of Governing Body
Responsibilities: Finance, P.E & Mental Health
Term of Office: 01.10.19 - 30.09.22
Declaration of Interests: None

 I have lived in Harrow for nearly 20 years and the mother of two girls. I am passionate about education and enjoy supporting Roxeth in developing the young people of the local area.  As a governor with no direct connection to Roxeth, I bring a different perspective into the Governing Body.   I am scientist by background (I have a degree in Agricultural Science at Edinburgh and a Masters in Food Policy at City University)

I joined the Civil Service in 2003 and currently work as a Director at HMRC.  I have a passion for mental health and wellbeing and I and hope my leadership and analytical skills will be of value to the Headteacher, Staff and other Governors. I am also a keen marathon runner and a member of Harrow Athletics Club.

Name: Jonathan Rowe
Committees: Curriculum
Responsibilities: Safeguarding
Term of Office: 24.06.20 -23.06.23
Declaration of Interests: None

I have taught for 17 years across a range of educational settings, enjoying a number of middle management and senior leadership roles. I joined John Lyon in September 2018 as Head of Sixth Form, becoming Assistant Head Pastoral in January 2021. I have responsibility for the School’s pastoral provision, with oversight of the Sixth Form, public benefit, community links, and the school’s charity work. As DSL, I have overall responsibility for safeguarding. I have been a Principal Examiner for A-Level History and am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors. In my role as Governor, I hope to draw on my experiences in education to assist the Headteacher and staff in ensuring pupils at Roxeth receive the best possible education.

Name: Tara Furlong
Committees: Chair Curriculum
Responsibilities: English, D/T & ICT
Term of Office: 08.07.21 – 08.07.24
Declaration of Interests: None

I am a specialist in English language, literacies and digital learning, for example integrated into vocational and professional practice, and have been working in professional training and development for over two decades. I have held elected roles in national adult literacies organisations for many years and have been a school governor in a neighbouring borough since 2013, first parent and then co-opted and now Vice-Chair; and at Roxeth since 2018. I'm Link Governor for English and ICT, Chair of Curriculum and Standards Committee, and sit periodically on the Finance, Premises and Personnel Committee. I am committed to supporting the local area, and find governor duties rewarding. 

Name: K. A. G. Tania De Silva
Committees: Curriculum
Responsibilities: Humanities History /Geography & PSHE
Term of Office: 05.12.19 - 04.12.22
Declaration of Interests: None

I have lived within a few miles of Harrow for most of my life. I graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in English Literature, and then trained as an auditor. When I married, I lived overseas for ten years, where my children attended an International Baccalaureate School. I served as a Governor at their school for six years before moving back to the UK. I have four sons: two recent graduates, one at university and one at school. I am happy to support Roxeth Primary, where I hope my previous experience as a school governor will allow me to contribute an impartial and balanced view.  

Staff Governors

Name: Gary Byrne
Committees: Resources
Responsibilities: Health & Safety & Premises
Term of Office: 17.10.18 – 17.10.21
Declaration of Interests: None

As staff governor I'll be committed and keen to achieve the best for the school. I'm willing to share my knowledge, skills and experience to support the Board to function as effectively as possible. I am confident of my ability to form my own opinions and express them in a positive manner. I can review information without taking things at face value and look at any wider implications. I'm open minded and willing to listen to alternative views and innovative ideas.

With the experience I've gained over the years I have an understanding of budgets and a keen eye for where savings can be made. I'm honest and straightforward whilst still applying tact and diplomacy. I understand the need to work with others and to listen to their opinions in order to make the running of the school as efficient as possible and to support and nurture the pupils to be the best they can be.


Name: Steven Deanus
Committees: All
Responsibilities: Headteacher
Term of Office: 01.09.2017 →
Declaration of Interests: Headteacher at Roxeth

i have been the Head at Roxeth Primary School since September 2017. I believe in positivity and finding solutions to improve the education of every child. Developing children not just academically but also as responsible citizens. It is a fantastic school with an impressive throughout the community. i really enjoy working with brilliant children, dedicated governors and staff and a great parent group. We have a strong team who believe that the children should be at the heart of everything we do. 

My teaching career has always been in Harrow, where I spent 14 years at Heathland School. During this time, I have taught in EYFS, KS1, KS2 and KS3 and have also experienced an amalgamation, academy conversion and a Federation with Whitefriars School. My goal is to take this brilliant school from 'Good' to 'Outstanding' and to always continue to improve. 

Deputy Headteacher

Name: Suzie Gibson
Committees: All
Responsibilities: Safeguarding DSL
Term of Office: 07.01.19 →
Declaration of Interests: Deputy Headteacher at Roxeth

I was delighted to have been appointed as the new Deputy Head Teacher at Roxeth Primary School in January 2019. My interaction with the staff, pupils and governors has been extremely positive and I have enjoyed meeting all of the pupils, parents and more of the local community over the last few years. I am eager to continue to develop our working relationship to ensure the best outcomes for all of the pupils at Roxeth, enabling them all to achieve their personal best.

 I have worked in Education in Harrow since 2004 and have previously been Assistant and Deputy Head at Priestmead Primary School. During this time, I have taught across Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and have also opened, led and taught in a special needs resource base for Autistic pupils. I have delivered training across the Local Authority and have also more recently worked alongside another Harrow School developing their safeguarding procedures. I am keen to draw on my previous experience in order to enhance this wonderful school community.


Name: Elaine Hempenstall
Committees: All
Responsibilities: Clerk to the Governing Body
Term of Office: 01.11.2016 →
Declaration of Interests: None

I have worked at Roxeth School since 1998 and most of this time I have been one of the school’s administrators and am currently in this role. I have completed several NVQ’s level 2 & 3 in Customer Services and Business Administration. During 2010 I also completed the Certificate in School Business Management Foundation Degree and received a distinction in 2010.

For 6 years I enjoyed fulfilling my role as the Staff Governor on the Resource Committee. Since November 2016 I took on the role as Clerk to the Governing Body at Roxeth. I have risen to this challenge and find this rewarding. I am hard working and organised to fulfil this role. I hope to be part of the continuing improvement to better outcomes for the children at Roxeth School. I feel my knowledge and understanding particularly in School Finances and Health & Safety has assisted me to advice the Governing Board on Statutory Legislation.