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Air Quality Project

The Year 5 and 6 children choose to apply for the Air Quality Project. The children took part in the project run by PWCL. Through their sessions the Air Quality Ambassadors learnt about the quality of air around our school. What were the factors?  How we can reduce air pollution? How does it affect our health? What can we do to reduce the pollution around the school?

This is what the children had to say:

I learnt from the Air Quality Project how to stop pollution in our planet. Aamina

With the data, we made scatter graph to show the results. We put an assembly to show out data Insha

Air Quality is an amazing project. We developed so much confidence in the assembly and it encouraged others to walk, park and stride, cycle or scoot to school. Ruby

Air Quality has been really fun as we have used test tubes to try to work out how much pollution is around our school. We hope to do more fun activities and a car free day. I liked researching about air pollution and making posters. It was fun. Teagan