We are committed to developing a passion for learning in every child who attends the school. People who work at Roxeth Primary School have a passion for learning and see themselves as learners too; together, we seek to discover the potential in every child and adult and develop this into success and excellence. We constantly seek to revise and improve our work and to learn from what we do. 


This plan is designed to enable the school’s vision to be shared and understood by the whole school community.  As we work towards the aims of the plan, we seek to harness the talents of the whole school community and by working and learning together, realise our ambitions.


Children and young people learn and thrive when they are healthy, safeguarded from harm and engaged. Evidence shows clearly that educational achievement is the most effective way to improve outcomes for all children and break cycles of deprivation.


Our strategic plan is based upon:-

  • External data such as the Fischer Family Trust data, RAISEonLine data and data packages provided by Harrow Council

  • Our own regular and thorough monitoring of the standards achieved in the school through for example: classroom observation, peer coaching, learning partner research, governor monitoring of the School Improvement Plan, pupil interviews, work sampling and parent and pupil questionnaires

  • Preparation and scrutiny of internal data

  • Reflective evaluation and review of the on-going work of the school by pupils, parents, staff and governors

  • The needs of our pupils

  • The needs of our staff

  • Outcomes from the OFSTED inspection November 2010 and LA review November 2012

  • The available financial, human and material resources


Costings of School Improvement Priorities

  1. Improvement priorities have been funded by the school budget capital budget and parental support (ICT).

  2. Training and development is costed in the school budget fund

  3. Curriculum budget will cover mainly consumable item and curricular development

  4. Pupil Premium is reported on separately 


Future plans for our capital grant (2015-16) include:

  • Refurbishment of children’s toilets

  • Develop conservation area as outdoor classroom once trees have been removed.

  • Improve storage for PE/Outdoor learning


This plan for the years 2014-15 was based on our self evaluation of where we are and where we would like to be in the next year. The revised plan (September 2014) was part of discussion involving staff, governors and pupils in June 2014.


The purpose of the School Improvement Plan is to manage the school’s drive towards long term strategic aims.  It gives everyone an understanding of where the school is going and what actions will be taken to ensure we get there.  It sets a timescale for implementation and plans for human and material resources to be directed towards specific goals. It helps us determine the pattern of expenditure within the budget and guides the planning of staff training.


Please click here to download a copy of the school improvement plan 2018-19