At Roxeth Parents and families are very important to us. Parents are always welcome in Roxeth and are encouraged as often as possible to share special moments in your child’s learning. Throughout your child’s time at Roxeth you will have the opportunity to watch your child performing in assemblies, concerts and a yearly spectacular production. We will also run a varied programme of workshops to help you to support your child’s learning. We believe that education works best when it is a three way process with the child, teacher and you as parents. Parent’s involvement in a child’s primary education has a significant effect on educational achievement for the rest of their lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas about the support you need to help your child and ideas to strengthen our link even further.

To download a copy of The Parent Referral Application, please click here

E-SAFETY (Years 5&6)

The workshop has been jointly developed by UNICEF UK and BT to help keep children safe online, while encouraging users to become confident digital citizens. The workshop will offer you the opportunity to explore what your child likes doing online and what their concerns are, as well as providing advice on different safety features and how to set them. It is a unique opportunity for parents, guardians and children to talk about internet safety together


We run a varied programme of family learning opportunities throughout the year to help you to support your children with reading, writing and maths more effectively at home and at school. You will also have the chance to develop your own skills and confidence in areas such as English and ICT. We believe that education works best when it is a three way process with the child, teacher and you as parents. A parent’s involvement in their child’s primary education has a significant effect on educational achievement for the rest of their lives.



The classes aim to help parents with their English, speaking and writing skills. Please pop in to see Fausia.



This is a programme that has been run before and proved to be extremely popular. The aim of the programme is to offer additional resources to compliment key parenting skills. The programmes are very relaxed, a great place to meet new people and share experiences and ideas.


Many of the teachers run programmes which aim to teach you skills that you can use at home, to assist your child’s learning. As soon as programmes become available you will receive information about this. So keep your eyes peeled! 

If you have any questions about workshops running at Roxeth, please speak to Ms Day.



Every Wednesday morning we host a coffee morning in the space. This is a great chance for you to come along to meet new parents, find out what’s going on in the school and to have a good chat with friends. Coffee mornings are often themed and are led by the parents and staff, for example will celebrate a variety of festivals, so far we have celebrated Eid, Diwali and Christmas. As well as celebrations our coffee mornings also offer parents advice, such as budgeting, debt advice and E-Safety. Ideas for themed coffee mornings are always welcomed. If you have any ideas or you would like to help out in the coffee morning, please speak with our parent volunteers or Ms Day. Coffee mornings start from 8.40am and welcome all parents, even if you just fancy popping in for a cup of tea before work.



Evaluations of the courses provided at Roxeth are essential to ensure we provide the best possible outcomes for those who have attended. It gives us feedback on what has worked well during the course and what we could do better at next time the course takes place. As well as establishing other training you need to support you child, so please answer honesty and we will endeavour to action this. 


Congratulations to those parents who successfully completed the family reading and writing programme. Roxeth supporting you to support your children.

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