A Big hello from all of the year 6 staff and we hope everyone is well! It has been wonderful seeing some photos of your learning at home and we can’t wait to see more. At the bottom of the page I have included fun activities that should be completed daily.

Week 3


  • Write a Spring poem where each sentence starts with ‘Spring is when…’

You will need to include: similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia and concentrate on using your senses to describe.

  • Write an animal riddle where each sentence starts with ‘I am…’to give clues for what the animal is.

You will need to include: Year 6 adjectives (perhaps use a paper or online thesaurus?)

  • Think of any animal and imagine that it has evolved over thousands of years (think back to our current science topic). Draw the animal with its adaptations and write a paragraph to explain these adaptations and how they help the animal to survive.

  • Grammar focus on active and passive voice.  Please look at these websites to support your learning.

You will need to: complete the sheet named If you can’t print the learning, please complete it on a piece of paper.



  • You must be using Times Table Rockstars daily.

  • Keep working through your CGP Maths books in order of pages not yet completed.

  • Find 10 small items around your house.  Measure them in centimetres and then convert to inches.  Ideas of items you could measure include rubbers, pencils, plates, mugs etc.  Please try and record your measurements to one decimal place, or if you find this hard then record to the nearest whole number.

Look out of your window at hourly intervals throughout the day (eg 9am, 10am, 11am etc).  Count the number of birds you can see outside.  Once you have enough data over 6-8 hours, record your data of birds spotted on a line graph.​

Week 4


You will need to:Re-tell the story in your own words remembering to write the story in the past tense and create tension through various sentence types (ISPACE sentence openers- you can find these on google to remind you)

  • One day you open a cupboard at home, and in the back of the cupboard you see a box that you’ve never paid attention to before. Leaning in closely you hear a rattle and decide to prise open the box. Inside is an egg… a fabergé egg.

You will need to: research what a fabergé egg is and continue the story, using your new historical understanding of fabergé eggs.

  • Watch the fair trade YouTube videos below.

You will need to: answer the questions below (this can be done on the computer on the computer. Create a non-fiction leaflet, using sub-headings, did you know boxes, pictures etc based on fair trade items.

  1. What is Fair Trade?

  2. What are the benefits of Fair Trade?

  3. Give a detailed explanation of two products that are grown and sold through Fair Trade in India. E.g. tea, cotton, rice, spices. Where are they grown? Where are they sold? How is it helping the community? Plus any other information you think is interesting.

You will need to: complete all of the tasks and present the learning how you wish. Remember to use a thesaurus (paper or online) when incorporating imaginative description!

Active & Passive worksheet - click here

Fairtrade Fractions - click here



  • You must be using Times Table Rockstars daily.

  • Keep working through your CGP Maths books in order of pages not yet completed.

  • Draw a picture or write a sum to illustrate each of the following Maths vocabulary: Horizontal, Factor, Regular, Circumference, Ratio, Vertical, Fraction, Radius, Mean.

  • Look at the questions on the attached sheet to solve real life Maths questions related to Fairtrade products.



Carry out at least one of these each day (which I know some of you are already) for at least 20 minutes.

Joe Wicks The Body Coach TV Work out 9 am Mon - Fri

Yoga to keep the mind and body healthy

Meditation to help our minds (headspace is also an app that can be downloaded)

Photo evidence would be appreciated!

Other Resources

Y6 Interactive resources - click here

Easter Egg Biscuit Recipe

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