YEAR 3 weeks 14&15

English week 14

Spellings: Each day this week try one of these correction pieces. Find the word spelt wrong and write the correct word. See how you do at the end of the week!

For these last two weeks, we are recapping some of the grammar skills you have been using. See if you can remember these English lessons and get them all correct!

Monday Can you use apostrophes to put two words together? Try this:

Tuesday Can you remember the difference between formal and informal language and when you would use it? Try this to test your skills!

Wednesday :Check your comprehension skills with this extract about a boy and his chicken!

Thursday  Can you tell the difference between a fact and an opinion in writing?

Read this and try this piece of work.

Friday Try this piece of work again about subordinating conjunctions. Can you remember what they are? Try this as they can really make your sentences more interesting!

English week 15

Monday : Can you remember how to use there, their and they’re correctly? ​

Tuesday: Book Study, You’re a Bad Man Mr. Gum! See if you are keeping your comprehension skills sharp!

Wednesday: Can you use expanded noun phrases to make your sentences more interesting? Try this.

Thursday: Using inverted commas to show speech. Can you get them in the correct place?

Friday: Using apostrophes to show possession, we are coming back to a few grammar facts. Try your hand at these!

Maths week 14

Maths: In our maths this week we are returning to angles and types of lines. See what you can remember and try these lessons.

Monday  Watch this  video to remind yourself about angles and right angles:

You can always remind yourself or draw some diagrams to help you remember! Then try this piece of work :  Try activity 1 & 2 , make angles with your name and make an angle eater!

Tuesday  There are different types of angles, and they have their own names. How many can you remember? Watch this video and remind yourself of angles facts.

If you need more help, watch this video and then try the activities about angle types.

Wednesday  Do you remember learning about types of lines and their names? Watch this to see if you remember the names of lines.

This cartoon might help you, in your house!

Can you find examples of these lines in your street? Go for a walk with an adult and spot as many as you can. Write them down or take a photo!

Thursday    Do you remember the words parallel and perpendicular? Watch this to remind you. Go to your kitchen and find some examples of these lines around the room.

Friday  Maths Challenge: This week we have been learning all about lines and angles. You have a treasure hunt this week to complete around your home! You will need to collect as many containers as you can. Then can you label parts of the boxes or containers which have a right angle, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, acute angles or obtuse angles, You could even make a table of these mathematical terms and write or draw things in your home that have these mathematical terms. e.g.  Right angles =  corners of my front door.

Maths week 15

Monday:  Drawing lines accurately. How good are you with a ruler? Watch this video and then try this piece of work  You will need a sharp pencil and a ruler with cm and mm on it.

Tuesday :See if you can remind yourself of the names for 2D shapes and how to describe them:

Use this piece of work to practise your 2D shapes

Wednesday: Watch this jazzy song with actions! Does it help you with 3D shapes?

Can you remember your 3D shapes? Try this piece of work .

Thursday : Watch how the Chuckle Brothers explain counting to the nearest 5 minutes. Then see if you can try the worksheet yourself. Can you remember how to tell the time? Try this to the nearest 5 minutes.

Friday Maths Challenge:

Can you make a robot from 3D boxes and containers? Try to use as many 3D shapes as you can. Label each part of your robot with the name for the 3D shape e.g arm= cuboid. Then measure the length of the body parts with your ruler. Make a table to record all your 3D shapes and their lengths.

Topic Week 14

Go to Purple Mash for this Science piece of work:

You will need to look at your To Do list. This is a piece of work from our topic animals including humans. This piece of work is all about how animals help us as humans. See what you can find out!

Topic Week 15

Go to Purple Mash for this Science piece of work:

You will need to look at your To Do list. This is a pieces of work from our topic animals including humans. This piece of work is all about how animals move or migrate for different reasons. See what you can find out!

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