YEAR 3 weeks 12&13

English week 12

Use BBC Bitesize to see if you can practise these skills, they are mainly areas we have worked on during the year:

Monday: Work on your reading and comprehension skills with today’s activities.

Tuesday: Do you enjoy reading? See what this reading based day teaches you about your skills.

Wednesday: Today is National Writing day! How can you take part? See what activities you would like to do!

Thursday: See what you can learn today about developing characters in stories.

Friday: Reading activity  with Midsummer Night’s Dream. A twist on a famous story by Marcia Williams!

Reading: On Purple Mash complete the story about Mary Anning and write a review of the story. What did you think?

English week 13

What a strange year it has been. On the school website there is a Covid 19 diary you could download and fill in! Hopefully we will never see such a pandemic like this again. How different was your life during these days?

To find the booklet go to Roxeth School Closure curriculum. Scroll to the end of the page and go to >Click here for more resources> Scroll down to English> Download My 2020 Covid -19 Time capsule.

Could you fill this in and bury it in your attic, garden, shed, garage??? What would you put it in to preserve it? Take a photo and tell us where you hid it and what you put inside it!

Maths week 12

This week we are keeping our maths skills sharp. See if you can have a go at these activities We are looking at fractions again.

Monday : Lesson 1 - Order fractions Watch the video See what you can remember about the size of fractions! Try this next:

Tuesday: Lesson 2 - Add fractions use this video to start:

Then try the work that goes with it.

Wednesday: Lesson 3 - Subtract fractions use this video to start : Then try this piece of work

Thursday: Lesson 4 - Problem solving with fractions

Can you use the things you have learned this week?

Try this piece of work:


Friday: Lesson 5 – Pizza Making. Can you find a pizza recipe with ingedients you like? Put different toppings on the slices! Your pizza could be divided into thirds, quarters , sixths or eigths! Draw the different flavours on each fraction e.g. 1/6 was yellow peppers, 2/6 were onion fill up your pizza. Draw this if you can’t make one, or take a photo!



Spellings Y3 Week 12:

Test yourself again on the spellings from week1 &2 of the closure work. Have you remembered them?

Maths week 13

The Smarties Maths Challenge Week!  For this week you will need some tubes of smarties! Yes tell your parents you need chocolate to do your maths work this week! BUT! You have to do each days work before you can eat the smarties!!


Monday:  Take a tube of smarties and see how many there are of each colour in your tube or box. Draw yourself a pictogram of the colours and numbers of each Smartie. Remember your graph needs a title, Axis drawn with a ruler and labelled carefully. ( Data handling pictograms)

Tuesday: Look at your smartie numbers, can you divide the smartie colours into odd and even numbers. E.g 3 green smarties = odd 6 yellow smarties =even. How many other number facts can you find for your Smarties? Are any in the 2x table or a multiple of 2. Make as many number statements as you can e.g. 2x3 yellow smarties =6 or 6divided by 2 =3 yellow smarties. ( Number facts)

Wednesday: Draw a different graph this time use a bar graph to show the number of smarties you have. Remember to use a ruler, label your axis and give this new graph a title. ( Data Handling)

Thursday:  Use your multiplication tables to try this: Take each colour of smarties and count how many there are. Then multiply the colour by 2, 5 and 10. Write down your answers in the colour of the smarties you used! ( Number Timestables)

Friday:  If you bought your smarties in the tubes, this is a 3D shape! Can you carefully undo the box and lay it out so that it is a net of the box. If you had one of the little boxes of smarties do the same. Then stick the net of the container flat onto a piece of paper. Can you label each face, edge  ? Make a table and tell me how many vertices, faces and edges your container has! Hurrah, if you made it this far, reward yourself with some smarties!


Spellings Y3 Week 13:

Test yourself again on the spellings from week3 &4 of the closure work. Have you remembered them?

Topic Week 12

This term Year 3 would have been out and about looking at our environment.

There are 10 days of activities you can do in your park, garden, woodland. You don’t have to go far to see a world at your feet! Why not keep a diary of things you saw each day or a video blog or photograph your finds? Remember to not remove living things from their habitats! Look but don’t touch if you can!

Topic Week 13

Try some of these amazingly simple experiments to see how your brain works and how you can play tricks on your eyes! There’s lots to choose from and one for every day of the week. Watch the ideas and then see what you can find out and make from things at home!