Parents these photos are for a snap shots of the great time your children are having this week - if you would like any copies we will be providing details of how to do this at the Year 6 graduation.




France Day 1 - After arriving safely, the children unpacked, had something to eat and got ready for the 'night walk' activity. Although it was a very long day we are all having a great time.

France Day 2 -   Bonjour, Wow! Yet another busy day in France. The weather here is beautiful,sunny and blue skies!

Today, we visited a Chocolate Factory and tasted yummy chocolates. We saw how they were made and might be coming home with a few presents.......( unless we eat them first!)

We visited a great animal refuge. These were animals rescued from trafficking or being found injured. We saw leopards,lions, lemurs, baboons, owls, bears, wallabies to name a few! They were all sunning themselves and looking very happy and well.

We then had a picnic lunch before returning to the Chateau for climbing, fencing, and problem solving challenges.

Wow! It's not over yet, tonight we have scrap heap challenge! 

Au Revoir, speak soon!

France Day 3 - Zut Alors! Yet another amazing day in France! Wall to wall blue skies, sunshiny day! We've been to a huge regional street market in St.Hilaire to shop in the traditional French way. Then we visited LeClerc, a large supermarche to compare shopping.

We had lunch in a beautiful parc near the market. The afternoon has been even more jam packed! We boarded the coach for Mont St.Michel and admired the views! 

Mont St.Michel was beautiful, we marched them up to the top of the hill and we marched them down again! Steep steps gave us incredible views. Ask us about the wishing well and Harry Potter when we get home!

Tonight we have the French Evening with special menus and competitions, can't wait. We will have so much to tell you.

Bissous from all at Chateau B

France Day 4 - Oh the Frommage!

Hi from the lovely French countryside, we've just had another jam-packed day! This morning we visited Lactopole, a museum dedicated to cheese and a long French tradition of cheesemaking. We had a guided tour and learned loads about dairy farming and the cheeses we eat at home. We then became cheese makers with our uniforms on and we're taught how Camembert is made. In the workshop we made a test cheese to see the process, ate cheese and have a little present for you from the factory!

Then we went to a beautiful parc with a tree book library for lunch!

This afternoon was messy, nightline ( don't look in our dirty laundry bag!) Followed by archery and zip wire. Tonight is our last night! We have a Disco and packing! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow. We are off to Bayeux and Arromanches to learn about the D-day landings. The ferry then home to Harrow. 

Last Day -  Bonjour,

It's our last day on France and we still are packing in fun and visits to the last minute.  We had an early breakfast and said 'au revoir' to Chateau Beaumont and the staff. We then headed off to Bayeaux to see the Tapestry. We had lunch in the park and headed off to Arromanches for the 360 cinema. Ask us what we saw, the weather is great as we board the ship for home.


See you soon

All from Chateau Beaumont x

London Day 1 - A great day out at Rock Up. Lots of children climbing high and trying their best at the new activity. We finished with a big appetite and thoroughly enjoyed our Mac Donalds.

London Day 2 - Another wonderful day of thrills and adventure. Activities included the zip wire, archery and the cresta run. The children pushed themselves to complete the activities and were very proud of themselves.

London Day 3 - 

London Day 4 - Polling Day

London Day 5