Review of Pupil Premium Spend

Objectives for Pupil Premium Spending

A number of factors have to be taken into consideration when taking the decisions of when and how to allocate the spending of the Pupil Premium. The most important for the school to consider is the context of the school. This is followed by a number of other factors such as the common barriers the Ever6 children face, the extent to which they receive parental support at home for their learning simultaneously accounting for the complexity of family unit, the access to the resources pupils have both at school and home and the historic levels of attainment and progress to date.

Data from the Fisher Family Trust, Sutton Trust Toolkit and other assessment sources are analysed regularly where children are identified and for their progress/underachievement as well as those who are high performers.

We ensure all staff are aware of who pupil premium and vulnerable children are in their classes. We ensure that each child’s individual needs are considered with care so that the correct intervention is in place for him/her where needed.

Article 3: The best interests of the child must be top priority

Article 21: If a child is adopted, the first concern must be what is best for the child

Article 23: A child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life

Article 28: Every child has the right to an education

Article 29: Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full

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