At Roxeth, parents and carers are always welcome and encouraged as often as possible to share special moments in their child’s learning. Throughout your child’s time at Roxeth you will have the opportunity to watch your child performing in assemblies, concerts and a yearly spectacular production. We will also run a varied programme of workshops to help you to support your child’s learning. We believe that education works best when it is a three way process with the child, teacher and you as parents. Parent’s involvement in a child’s primary education has a significant effect on educational achievement for the rest of their lives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas about the support you need to help your child and suggestions to strengthen our link even further.


In December 2018, Roxeth in collaboration with Vodaphone group organised a Digital Life Skills workshop for parents and carers. The idea was to support parents and provide them with the tools to judge and give guidance to their children in approaching social media and technology. Following the popularity of this workshop, we organised a similar presentation for the junior school children.


In January 2019, a workshop was organised to give early support ideas to parents, carers and families. It was delivered by Meena Parmar from the Early Support division of the Harrow Children’s Services. She told parents as to where they can find support for different services and how to approach and access these provisions. 


Many of the teachers run programmes which aim to teach you skills that you can use at home, to assist your child’s learning. During the Autumn term, teachers run workshops for every year group, where all necessary information specifically for that year group is provided including the long term plans for each subject that is taught during the academic year.


As soon as programmes become available you will receive information about this. So keep your eyes peeled! If you have any questions about workshops running at Roxeth, please speak to Mrs Anwer.




In the beginning of 2019, Roxeth introduced a new computer based platform for learning in all areas of the curriculum. Every child was given a username and password to access this new system called Purple Mash. In February, we arranged a workshop for parents and carers to understand this new platform so that they can effectively support their children in their home learning and various tasks based on the curriculum. Mrs. Aliraza presented the session. We understand that not everyone was able to attend the session, so we have uploaded the link to access how to use Purple Mash. Please click on the link to find out about Purple Mash



We run varied programme of family learning opportunities throughout the year to help you to support your children with reading, writing and maths more effectively at home and at school. You will also have the chance to develop your own skills and confidence in areas such as English and ICT. We believe that education works best when it is a three way process with the child, teacher and you as parents. A parent’s involvement in their child’s primary education has a significant effect on educational achievement for the rest of their lives. Here are some examples from a programme run during the Autumn term 2018 called ‘Share a Story’.


Evaluations of the courses provided at Roxeth are essential to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for those who have attended. It gives us feedback on what has worked well during the course and what we could do better next time the course takes place. This also helps us in establishing other training you need to support your child, so please answer honestly and we will endeavor to provide the solutions. 



We are planning on providing workshops for parents on behaviour management, tackling home learning and on healthy eating practices. Keep your eyes peeled for these events. They will be advertised on Facebook, Twitter, text messages and through posters.


We are also looking forward for working with Early Support to come to Roxeth once every half-term and provide some one-to-one confidential sessions for parents who need sign-posting towards different services provided by Harrow.


Other events such as Maths workshops etc are also being planned.