Roxeth Primary School promotes desirable behaviour by reinforcing, rewarding and promoting good behaviour. At Roxeth we believe  “A sense of worthiness is a child’s most important need” (Polly Berrien Berends U.S Author) and we know it is vital to "educate our children and their families to achieve their full potential”. We understand the importance of educating the whole child, so they can become confident, competent, socially and emotionally aware citizens of the future. We understand the importance of treating each chid as an individual and we strive to be aware of the circumstances that affect each child’s life and we know that no one system can be applied to all children.


  • Believe that every child has the right to learn and feel secure

  • Recognise children and adults as individuals and respect their rights, values and beliefs

  • Reject all conduct which involves bullying or harassment

  • Offer equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and recognise the importance of different cultures

  • Encouraging and promoting desirable behaviour


To promote desirable behaviour all staff will:

  • Be given a programme of professional development


This will include: insets and training on behaviour management, positive reinforcement strategies, use of assertive behaviour techniques and circle time

  • Be given support from senior members of staff

  • Act as role models

  • Offer guidance to children including praise and encouragement

  • Use a range of rewards for work and good behaviour which include Gold stars, house points, Golden time, opportunities for greater responsibility around school, (buddies, house captains, Peer Mediators, general monitors) for following the Golden Rules and displaying desirable behaviour

  • Encourage and show appreciation of children who act as positive role model

  • Positive and encouraging comments written on children’s work

  • Encourage children to discuss difficulties and help them to make the right choices

  • Use a programme of Personal and Social Education which includes P.S.H.E, Circle Time, and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) lessons, to promote mutual respect, self discipline and social responsibility

  • Use achievement assemblies to promote good work, good attitude and good behaviour

  • Be able to offer strategies within their own classrooms that encourage positive work and behaviour

  • Be in contact with parents.

To download a copy of the Home School Agreement please click here

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