At Roxeth Primary School assessing the children’s learning is an integral part of every lesson.  We have a variety of methods we use to monitor and ensure progress is occurring.


We use a consistent feedback approach across the school when marking work.  Staff will write comments for the children in a blue (Infants) or purple (Juniors) pen.   When a pupil is part of a Focus Group, they will also receive a Next Steps "NS" comment which is written in red pen (Infants and Juniors).   Pupils are then expected to respond to this in green pencil or pen.   Classes will use either the start of the day, the start of the next lesson in that subject or a dedicated lesson each week for pupils to have time to respond to any “NS” work they have been given.


Pupils are aware of other forms of assessment including teacher’s questioning, small group assessments, formal tests (at any point in the year) as well as the National Key Stage Two (KS2) Tests in May each year for Year 6 pupils.


KS2 SATs results have been published nationally.  Comparing the percentage of Year 6 pupils attaining the expected level, (Level 4), in English and Maths, Roxeth are proud to be 12th in the borough out of 37 schools.   Comparing the “value-added” to pupils from the end of Key Stage One (Year 2) to the end of Key Stage Two (Year 6) Roxeth are proud to be 11th in the borough.


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Key Stage One (KS1) results are also shown in the document below.   We are proud of our pupils’ achievements at the end of Year 2.   Pupils achieve highly in all areas and we use this data to help us track the progress of, and provide appropriate support for, individuals and groups of pupils as they move through Key Stage Two.


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